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Care in the Countryside

Mellor Nook is one of a very few care homes to be located in the green belt. We take every opportunity to embrace and celebrate our rural situation

Family Run Business

It is very unusual nowadays for a care home to be run by the same family for over 30 years. More importantly in our opinion is that we live here on the premises. This is our home too

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Going that Extra mile!

So what does "going the extra mile" mean and how can we demonstrate it. It is common for many businesses to be efficient and good at what they do. With residential care it is important that this is the case 24 hours per day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. With the best will in the world this cannot be achieved by large corporate companies, at the end of the day employees are just that employees.

For a care home to work as it should it is our opinion that it requires two people in charge who basically live, eat and sleep the home. It takes two people because one needs the support of the other, someone who understands the situations and demands. Also we feel it is essential for these people to live on the premises and consider the residents home their own.

This may sound extreme however for the past 25 years we have found that this has been the best way to maintain the high standard of care and attention we provide.

Firstly either Jean, John and Jim were here at all times then following Johns death in 2001 It was Jean and Jim. Jean retired in 2002 and Jim ran the home until meeting Eleanor in 2006, since then Jim and Eleanor have been at the helm.

Examples of the kind of situations that require this hands on approach:

6.30pm Friday afternoon the doctor visits a gentleman who is showing signs of a chest infection. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and leaves a prescription. With a chest infection it is critical that antibiotics are given as soon as possible otherwise this can very soon turn serious. It is common place for us to locate and travel to find a 24hour pharmacy. Waiting for a delivery or sending a member of staff the next day is just not acceptable.

Midnight on Saturday a lady is complaining of chest pain and an ambulance is called. It is important that the person who goes to hospital with her knows her well and is able to reassure her and also give the hospital the essential information. But just as important is that the person escorting her can tell the hospital staff all those little things that go to put the “tender loving” into care.

A relative feels very guilty that she was no longer able to care for her mother at home and found it more difficult to adjust to her mother’s care than the elderly lady herself. She would find it impossible to cope if she couldn't spend time with us in the office each time she visited. We feel we not only provide support for the people who live here but also for relatives. .

Shopping for the home is extremely important many care homes have all produce delivered, exactly the same order week in week out. But what a shame to miss out on all those seasonal gems which get snapped up by private buyers. The importance of picking the best looking strawberries, hand picking the joints of meat and the best ripe fruit all goes to make a difference.



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